You are invited to subscribe to a new Sugar Beet Cooperative. The initial subscription rate shall be €1,000 per member. The proceeds of this initial subscription will be used by the Sugar Beet Cooperative to fund an equity stake in a new company in conjunction with Beet Ireland.

This company will be the commercial vehicle for the ongoing development of this project at a site in Kildare, that has been acquired by Beet Ireland.

Our aim is to develop a Sugar & Bioethanol Industry in Ireland with your support.

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BEET Ireland is organising a number of meetings over the coming months to present an opportunity to growers interested in growing sugar beet for a new Irish sugar industry. Please do not miss this opportunity to have a role in the future Irish sugar industry.

Meetings in conjunction with the Irish Farmers' Association

Second Meeting: Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 8:00 pm in the The Horse and Hound Hotel, Ballynabola, Foulksmills, Co. Wexford,

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Please fill out the form with your details so you can be part of this new and vibrant opportunity.


CAP & greening

Crop diversification

Farmers with over 30Ha. must grow 3 different crops.

Why not grow sugar beet as a main crop ?

Apart from being an excellent break crop for cereals sugar beet is the most profitable arable crop available.

Ecological focus Area

Farmers whose holding exceeds 15 ha. must ensure 5% of all arable land is allocated to EFA.  

Areas with catch crops or green cover( not for grazing  or harvesting) for purpose of nitrogen fixing can be considered.  

This is an ideal scenario for sugar beet  preceded by green cover. (Note cannot be used for Protein crops)